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Learn more about our exceptional family of boating brands. Mocama Marine stands at the helm of the marine industry through our distinguished brands, Action Craft and Southwind. Dive deeper into what makes each brand unique and discover the unparalleled boating experiences they offer.

Action Craft

The Ultimate Fishing Machine

Action Craft is the epitome of performance fishing boats, renowned for their unparalleled fishability, innovative design, and superior handling. With a focus on flats and bay boats, Action Craft utilizes advanced engineering techniques, including the exclusive Quiet Dry Ride (Qui-Dry®) hull designs, to ensure a smooth, dry, and comfortable ride in all conditions.

  • Uncompromising Quality

    From the meticulous use of premium materials to the skilled craftsmanship, we embody "The Ultimate Fishing Machine." Each boat is a testament to our dedication to quality, designed for anglers who demand nothing but the best.

  • Innovative Qui-Dry Hull

    Our Qui-Dry hull design uniquely combines a transitional chine and built-in spray rail, significantly reducing noise and ensuring a dry ride. This innovation makes Action Craft ideal for stealthy, comfortable angling in all conditions.

  • Decades of Experience

    With 40 years of dedication to fishing and boat design, Action Craft represents the pinnacle of innovation and durability. Our history is a commitment to delivering unparalleled fishing machines to passionate anglers.

  • Durability That Lasts

    Our boats are fortified with a vinyl ester resin hulls and hand-laid, composite-cored construction. This ensures each Action Craft is built to endure, providing reliability and strength for years to come.

  • Exclusive Pocket-Drive

    The Pocket-Drive feature enhances shallow water performance by reducing draft and drag. This innovative design allows for superior efficiency and access to shallow fishing spots, ensuring an unmatched angling experience.


    Where Luxury Meets Leisure

    Southwind Deck Boats redefine what it means to enjoy time on the water. Merging comfort, versatility, and performance, Southwind is the ideal choice for families and adventurers alike. With spacious designs, cutting-edge amenities, and smooth, stable handling, every Southwind boat is crafted for enjoyment.

    • Wood-Free Construction

      Embracing innovation, Southwind deck boats are built entirely without wood, utilizing advanced composite materials for every component. This commitment to durability and low maintenance ensures longevity, making every Southwind boat a paragon of modern marine engineering.

    • Stainless Hardware

      The quality of a Southwind boat is evident in its details. We use premium stainless steel for all hardware, including latches, hinges, and cleats, ensuring our boats are fully "saltwater ready." This dedication to quality extends to the meticulous recessing of these components for enhanced safety and finish.

    • Durable VE Resin

      Every Southwind hull is built with Vinyl Ester Resin, a material superior to traditional resins in durability and resistance to impacts and environmental stress. This foundational choice underlines our commitment to building vessels that stand the test of time and the rigors of the sea.

    • Premium Upholstery

      Upholstered with top-tier marine-grade vinyl featuring Nano Block Technology, Southwind’s furnishings are designed to resist the harshest stains and wear. This commitment to quality ensures our interiors remain pristine and comfortable, enhancing the boating experience.

    • Advanced Deep-V Hull

      Our Deep-V hull design sets Southwind apart, offering offshore boat-rivaling performance in rough waters. By comparing hull depth, side height, waterline, and deadrise, it's clear Southwind boats are designed for unmatched stability and ride quality.

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      At Mocama Marine, we are more than a manufacturing company; we are a family of brands committed to delivering excellence on the water. Action Craft and Southwind represent the pinnacle of our vision – to provide boaters with unparalleled experiences fueled by passion, innovation, and craftsmanship. Whether you seek the thrill of the catch or the bliss of the open water, our brands stand ready to exceed your expectations and elevate your boating lifestyle.

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